Monday, August 19, 2013

This is a reflection and a fancy that there must be a reality, a world, with no (or different) time, space and matter.  The deduction is based on the principle of time constancy, the invariance of the speed of light that v=c is an absolute limit.

According to the invariant interval (c2 t2 – x2 = constant), the t-x coordinate and the light cone, we have our physical reality in the region of time-like interval, within the cone and with  t = x (c=1) as its boundary.  Any motion that we can realize must be within the time-like region of  t > x. 
A motion or mathematically any relation or function within the t> x region could be an inverse of another motion or another relation located on the other side of the t=x line in the space-like region of t < x outside of the cone.  For example, mathematically t = 2x is an inverse function of  t = ½ x.  Applying the inverse relationship over the t = x (v = c) for v greater than c, we get a complex and imaginary Lorentz-factor (Gama) which may give us a faint picture of the reality surrounding the cone.  A motion on a world line located in the space-like region where v > c results in the reversal of cause and effect.  So I was before my father was!  Then we would know everything, and we could be anywhere at any time.   With velocity approaching infinity, time approaching zero and x at any location on the line of simultaneity (t = 0), the Start will be in the Finish and Motion in Rest.  Motion that was generated through the energy released  by the Big Bang.

So as darkness implies light, a world bounded must imply a world unbounded.  This world compared to darkness implies another world, a reality with a greater degree of freedom compared to light.  A world that our mind does not fathom nor our sciences fully grasp neither our mathematics can yet describe.  The idea is that this world is part of a greater reality that surrounds and embraces us, and that this world is an inverse, a reflection or a shadow of that other world.  Like the embryo in the womb of the mother surrounded by this world and bounded by the walls of the womb, this world of time, space and matter is bounded and placed within a greater world with greater degrees of freedom from time, space and elements.

Do not try to become a person of success rather try to become a person of value. A.E.

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